OutlookCaldavSynchronizer and OpenXchange

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OutlookCaldavSynchronizer and OpenXchange

Postby gbr » Thu 29. Sep 2016, 20:52


Outlook CalDav Synchronzer will not work with Open-Xchange, unless you modify the /etc/apache/sites-available/ox file.

You need to add RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} CalDavSynchronizer [OR] to the rewrite conditions.

Is there a way to get this add to the Open-Xchange install, so when I do an upgrade, my test users don't lose calendar?

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Re: OutlookCaldavSynchronizer and OpenXchange

Postby troeder » Fri 30. Sep 2016, 09:06

You can add CalDAV useragents using the UCR variable ox/caldav/useragent/whitelist. Updates will not change this. To add "b:2hwmd71k" retaining existing entries run:
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ucr set "ox/caldav/useragent/whitelist=$(ucr get ox/caldav/useragent/whitelist)|b:2hwmd71k"

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